THE GRIM TOWER REVIEWS: Panzerbastard/Rawhide – Black Hearts and White Lines Split 7″ (2015)

Panzerbastard/Rawhide – Black Hearts and White Lines Split 7″ (2015) – PanzerBastard play a thrash influenced punk which reminds me a lot of Slayer or Superjoint Ritual, definitely. The frontman definitely seems to take a little from Phil Anselmo, as the rest of the band pummel the living hell out of year eardrums. There’s no doubt about it, these guys are definitely passionate about raising hell and that’s just what they do with these three songs. It’s just eight minutes, but it’ll definitely be engrained into your skull and even reminds me a little of Slayer as it fucking should. Rawhide on the other hand sounds more like classic punk, with the same amount of piss and vinegar that we’d heard from Panzerbastard. Now you might not catch those rockabilly leads in the background because they’re a bit muddled behind the drums and bass, but if you’ll listen close, you’ll hear some really fantastic things. I just wish I could hear that solo in “Devil’s Grip 4:18” (it’s very low in the mix) and it’s unfortunate that I can’t. The vocals aren’t as scathing as Panzerbastard, but they certainly make a presence and they’re an act that I find quite catchy. I wouldn’t mind listening to a whole record from these guys. To be honest with you, both of these bands are definitely badass and I’d recommend that fans of punk and metal go check out this split. If this is the new sound of punk, then I’m definitely down for it.

(5 Tracks, 16:00)


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