Thy Worshiper – Czarna Dzika Czeriwien

Thy Worshiper - Czarna Dzika Czeriwien

I wasn’t at all sure as to what kind of album I was going to get from this band. After all, Thy Worshiper sounds like some sort of occult black metal act in all honesty. But that’s not even one bit close to the exhilarating effect that I got from this disc. Thy Worshiper is actually a pagan metal act from Wroclaw, Poland by a man by the name of Marcin Gasiorowski. The band now resides in Dublin, Ireland (it’s a long story) where the six-piece compose a style of music that combines the tribal style of Dead Can Dance with acts like Rotting Christ. Yes, you did hear me right. Marcin uses a scathing vocal approach while playing some rather sharp black/death metal influenced riffs. It’s also quite interesting to hear the tribal drumming of Tomasz Grzesik and the vocal chants of Anna Malarz on the album along with Bartosz Maruszak’s metal drumming. This is very much a sort of mix of ritual and extreme metal and I’ve never heard anything like it before in my life. Dubbed “tribal metal” they really seem to be onto something here. The lyrics are all in the band’s native, but you’ll find that it doesn’t even matter. Not only do they balance the chanting sections with the metal portions, but they manage to flow the two dichotomies into one extremely heavy ritual piece. This is the kind of album I’ve been waiting my whole life for, especially since I’ve always gotten into this kind of pagan/tribal music, but always wanted to hear darker elements of death metal in it, not to mention guitars in general as are definitely embraced on the disc.

The thing is bursting at the seams with melody, showing once again that these guys aren’t just a band who decided to mix the two styles together, but that they’re a band who’s been perfecting for quite a while. Even a few prog metal riffs find their way in here. To be honest, this album is so good that I don’t even want to spoil it for you. If you don’t like female vocal chants you’ll hate it – but definitely pay attention to the song structures and guitar work on this album. Whether you want to believe it or not, these guys can really play. And metal, I mean by that. Thy Worshiper is essentially an experimental death metal band with a hell of a lot of talent who decided to tackle on the Rotting Christ style and combine it with more tribal and pagan elements. This is the band’s first album in five years and definitely their best yet. Even though not every song on the disc excels completely, I’m truly impressed with the package and would have never expected anything remotely like this. I do encourage you to check this one out and really give it a thorough examination. What I thought was going to be some regular old black metal album turned out to be something much greater and more unique than anything I could have imagined. Even though I can’t understand a damn word of this, I definitely can feel the energy, fury and beauty laden within this music and I think Thy Worshiper is one of the best acts that I’ve gotten my hands on this year. Definitely one of my top albums of 2014. Nothing is going to top this for me as of yet.

(9Tracks, 46:00)



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