Torrefy – The Infinity Complex (2016)

Hailing from Canada, we have progressive/technical thrashers Torrefy. These guys can be compared to acts like Vektor, Coroner, Sodom, Skeletonwitch and Starve For The Devil era Arsis. When we look at the album art and even some of the packaging, it can seem a bit deceiving as we think that we might be getting something a little more brainy (that’s not to say that it isn’t) and far less fierce than the actual product. These Canucks perform a very aggressive, yet slightly shiny brand of death/thrash with all the trimmings of the above erudite acts I’ve mentioned and all of the intensity of some of the others in that list. You’ll even hear a little bit of Acid Bath here and there, which I surely wasn’t expecting. This definitely brings on a bit of a sludgy nature to the piece that coupled with slight technicality feels remarkably interesting.

Frontman John Ferguson can get a little ahead of himself at times, sounding like a screaming lunatic, on the mic, but at least this performance goes well with the rapidly changing structures that axemen Adam Henry (leads) and Ben Gerencser (rhythm) carefully craft with the changing of each song. In some ways, the record can seem like one hour-long track, but at least it is a track with enough depth and variety to keep you hooked until the end.

You can clearly see that these gentlemen are playing along the lines of Vektor, and now that those dudes have called it quits (shockingly) perhaps Torrefy will take the throne. It’s not all that hard of a moniker to recall, but it makes me think of some kind of peanut-butter like substance that you’d put on bread. If I have any real complaints about the album, is it that Ferguson’s vocals can be a bit overbearing and grate on my nerves after a while. He does try for a growl approach in addition to the horrific scowl that he’s driving me crazy with right now (listening to the record once again, as I review – per the usual) which helps, but it simply depends on how much you’re willing to stomach. I can say that the combined approach of Daniel Laughy’s impressive drum calcluations and the dual-axe warriors that this band have employed make it more than worth checking out despite my complaint, and I’ve no doubt that Torrefy would be just as enjoyable to listen to without the vocals as they are here with Ferguson’s approach. There’s still no reason as to why these guys can’t be famous, so if you like their approach here (and techical death/thrashers should) make sure to pick up the record and tell other heads about it at shows. Go see these guys live too, because I’m pretty sure that some of this will come off pretty well on stage. It depends on how loud the amps are turned up – I’d really love to be able to hear the defining leads and solos featured on the album and would be really muffed if those were drowned out on stage.

(9 Tracks, 62:00)



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