Tortorum – Katabasis (2014)

Tortorum - Katabasis

“…The fear dripping from Specter and Skyggen’s riff melodies on “In Nameless NonBeing” are exactly the kind of atmosphere that I want to hear in black metal music, something that actually elicits the spirit of dread, which is expressed by the point of no return featured by the lyrics. The Barghest is an outstanding frontman; I feel that I just can’t express this point enough. Session drummer Erik definitely knows what he’s doing behind the kit as well, making him seem like another member of the band and not just a session drummer that Tortorum needed to hire for the album. His effort is clearly felt, as the spirit of black metal is opened wide with a vengeance throughout each of these powerful tracks. “Into The Sixth Coil” pounds while The Barghest screams his lungs out and gentle melodies float above the maniacal effort doled out by Erik. Katabasis is every bit the fearsome black metal experience that you expect, as it sounds otherworldly; as if you are being thrust right into the dark depths right along with the rest of the band. The Barghest seems to be your guide at this point, as he bellows forth your surroundings and whispers words of wisdom that will aid you in further discover of this majestic state of non-being, death and discovery…”

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