Transylvania Stud – The Red Queen (2018)


The Red Queen

Transcending Records

Formed by a gentleman from Tennessee who must have ended up smoking so much weed that he automatically became a prodigy on countless musical instruments, we have Transylvania Stud. Andrew Godfrey is the man in which I mention here, handling everything from bass to drums to guitar and even the vocal end of the project. He’s a one man beast, and this album proves it. He’s inspired by Kyuss and Soundgarden, but you’ll also hear traditional post rock acts like Floor and Queens Of The Stone Age in places. The disc only has a handful of tracks, but it is mainly focused on “Red Queen” which I had reverberating in my head for a few hours at one point. Godfrey has a voice like glass and can definitely carry vocal harmonies with the best of them, which is also captured on the bonus live version of this aforementioned cut. He can do it live where so few can, and that matters a great deal to me. Outside of the studio wizardry, very few bands can actually cut the mustard with the same amount of grit as the studio album. Once again, that’s not the case here. Four other cuts appear on the disc inlcuding an unreleased track called “Burn” which is relatively decent and hugely inspired by Queens Of The Stone Age. Soundgarden fans will also find something to like in “Consummate” which sounds like it could have been on Superunknown. Saying little more, if you were upset with the latest Queens Of The Stone Age release (I’ve heard this to be the case, even though I found it solid) then you may just want to look to this one man-powerhouse, who may put the band out of business completely. Basically, he manages to do by himself what normally takes several individuals. I call it evolution!

(5 Tracks, 22:00)




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