Trenchrot – Necrotic Warfare

Trenchrot - Necrotic Warfare cover

While I don’t know a damn thing about Trenchrot other than the Deadite with the gun on the front cover, I can say that they’ve gotten their grimy hands deep into the realms of classic death metal and play it quite proficiently. In other words, they kick all of fucking ass and there’s no doubt in my mind of that. There’s really no need to roll through each and every one of these tracks, as all eleven of these pieces manage to deliver just as much of a beating as you’d expect. I’m getting a lot of Autopsy influence on this album, but that’s a good thing. Even the frontman is trying very hard to sound like the Autuopsy frontman with his garbage growl. As you’d expect, the band also has that sort of death/punk sound that Autopsy is known for, at least on their last album, The Headless Ritual. Surprisingly though, there’s a break in the mood on the album’s title track, which clocks in at almost eight full minutes (7:36). The track slows the drum bashing down a bit for a moment of melody and an interesting solo section that we wouldn’t have even expected from the band, given the atmosphere that precedes it. But when all is said and done, you’ve got a truly formidable album that doesn’t require a five page essay. Once you start listening to it, you’ll know what to expect immediately. And what you expect, is exactly what’s delivered on this trashy death metal punk goodness. They just don’t make them like this anymore folks. Put me down for a hundred copies!

(11Tracks, 49:00)



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