Tristwood – Black Crowned Majesty (2020)

I have to give Tristwood credit for melding raucous death metal that assaults the senses (just in the drumming alone) with electronic elements and even filtered vocals that make the frontman seem robotic or in some kind of stasis tube, but there’s just not enough going on here for me to consider all that intriguing. The vocals are certainly too low in the mix and the drumming simply drowns out everything in a sea of thunderous bass. There are sections where the vocals are audible, but then there are sections where the vocals come in and they’re just completely off-key. Aside from opener “Re-Enthronement Of The Damned” with it’s filtered vacuum cleaner vocals and the album’s title track, I’m not hearing anything of note – and I did as always, give the album a full listen. It’s plenty punchy, if you need something to work out to with a bit of a robotic flair, but ultimately it didn’t do much for me. However, if you think this might be up your alley, then I would suggest giving it a listen.


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