Trita – The Good Night (2018)

Hailing from Minnesota we have Trita, who mix post rock, post metal, post hardcore and pre-death together in a very interesting, yet wholly predictable manner. That being said, it’s still quite a joy to listen to and the thick grooves work well to demonstrate the colorful melodies and clean vocal approach that is much better than anything I’ve got to offer in the non-rasp/growl territory (trust me, I tried some cleans on our forthcoming album and threw them out immediately). There’s also a bit of prog to be found here, which might place them in the same spot as something like Tool, Karnivool and Soen. The only difference here is the use of harsh vocal, which comes off more like a patented hardcore shout and feels natural here. Don’t forget, Maynard used quite a bit of harsh vocal on Tool albums and we might actually hear some of that on their newest, which sounds a bit ridiculous in the sense that they’ve even made another, as there are so many bands who’ve taken that style and further evolved it into what we see here.

“To Sisyphus” actually seems to be the greatest sample here for the album, as it shows both the melodic and punishing sides of the band in less than three minutes. But Trita want you to know that they’re capable of writing more than easily digestible pounders, as my personal favorite and closing number “Bluer Sky” showcases. Sure, they scream a good bit on “Saltless Sea” which also reminds me a bit of early Mastodon; but when we come to a song completely removed from thump (not that thump is a bad thing, guys) we find that there is really something to be said here in song craft. Yes, “Bluer Sky” sounds a lot like A Perfect Circle and Ashes Divide, but I was quite blown away by it and will probably add it to my own personal playlist. Yes, it can be argued that the song doesn’t sound anything like the rest of the album or even the same band, but if these guys roll into a side project that makes material more like this, well… I’m game. I wasn’t exactly pleased with the post/core stuff as some of you might be, but when it came to the closer – that’s all it really took for me to realize that there was something special here. Sure, the song isn’t exactly original as it emulates A Perfect Circle and Ashes Divide among others, as I mentioned; but it certainly worked in my favor. For those of you who might get turned off by this notion, keep in mind that the guys did work up three heavy-hitters for you to enjoy before the closer that I’m currently raving about.

Trita have no doubt served up a weighty meal, but I loved the “after-dinner-mint” the most. You can order it from the menu at the link below.

(4 Tracks, 20:00)


Purchase HERE (Bandcamp)

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