Trollfest – Kaptein Kaos (2014)

Trollfest - Kaptein Kaos

“But it’s not all trash, as “Seduction Suite No. 21” seems to cut the funny business in lieu of a memorable and majestic folk piece. It’s painfully obvious that Trollfest are good musicians, they just like to have a little bit of fun and perhaps they ended up having a little bit too much fun with this one. However, I can’t get the Latin rhythms of “Solskinnsmedisin” out of my head for the life of me. I don’t know what metalheads are going to say about this one… wait. You know, this one might just be too much of a stretch for the hardcore metal vets, who might wonder what in the fuck they’re listening to. And what the hell is going on with “Sagn Om Stein?” I feel like the band’s trying to take me around the world with this one and I’m quite baffled really. Then we’ve got surf melodies on “Renkespill.” Yet there’s one track on the disc that really spoke to me and that’s the song right before the whole damn thing ends. It’s an Asian inspired piece called “Kinesik Alkymi” which includes some extremely memorable riff melodies and a powerful clean chorus that goes well with those melodies. I can even stomach the vocals due to the power of those chorus lines. His clean vocals aren’t perfect, but they fit well within the melody and my ears caught that on first listen…”

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