Trolling – A Sign Of Social Decline?

This next essay will be about the controversial topic of internet trolling. As a person, I just don’t seem to understand it, quite in the same fashion as a young man who wants to film all of the possible ways that he could injure his gentlemen’s luggage. But I digress and sigh that we’re in a new generation now. To be blunt, trolling is more or less “getting under one’s skin” and probably had it’s birth in forums and chat rooms. I don’t know who invented it, but all I know is that it’s something that people seem to enjoy and will continue to do until the next generation comes up with something even more diabolical.

But how does one get under one’s skin? This is simple. Find a friend who loves a certain topic and then argue as to how bad it is. Does your friend like music? Explain to them why all music sucks. How about a certain kind of movie genre? Then you would discuss with them why that movie genre is bad. The reactionary statement is one that leaves the individual “butthurt” which in lamens terms, would be “frustrated” leaving them to “rage quit” which is something derived from a nation absorbed in the first person shooter genre. Most people only play video games because they can kill others with weapons, meaning that human society has in effect, reached a steep slope and is heading ever-downward into the abyss.

Of course, comedy is the only reason these things are done. Inboxes are spammed, accounts ruined, personal information thrown into the sea of social networks, and this is all so that people who more than likely hate their lives, the world in general, and their jobs can get a laugh out of another’s misfortune. It is so a commune of social gatherings can look at such individual an laugh because it apparently makes their day much better. But what does this say for society? We poke fun at others to make ourselves feel better, we deny any semblance of positive energy or higher power, and most of us are just waiting for some sort of apocalyptic event where we can in fact – shoot and kill people, as we’ve already been brainwashed to do so by the gaming industry.

Sure, there are a slew of technical words and phrases thrown about in this new generation of internet minds, some of them that make little sense; and all reasons to throw the education system into a bin, because there’s no use in trying to fix what the internet has malformed. But it’s almost as if it was supposed to be this way, as the sheep themselves who are absorbed into this internet culture don’t even realize that they’re in fact being programmed by it, affecting their brainwave patterns and how they act. Before all of this came into being, I still remember how people used to be – and in many ways I feel that the internet itself has become a very corrupted entity and is only headed further into the abyss.

The question is, what are they being programmed for? Cursive writing is being phased out and soon writing in general. I’m not the best at penmanship mind you; but at least I can write. The youth of today is being thrust ten-fold into the machines, but while some might say that this is an expected change; I cannot see it as such. The planet simply won’t support too much more of this technological overhaul and when it’s all said and done and the lights go out completely, all that will remain are the people who still know the old ways of doing things. I imagine it will be much for people to take, there will be suicides – more than likely mass suicides – some people just won’t know how to get out there and live a physical life. There will be paranoia, hallucinations, hysteria, and several other casualties of a world without electricity, let alone the internet – and people will literally be overcome with nerves in regular conversation, because they’ve been so used to non-social interaction. Non-social interaction is what’s killing us, in all honesty – we think we’re closer together, but we’re really farther apart and seeing and talking to people is beneficial, if not necessary for the human being.

But this all goes back to the topic at hand, which is internet trolling. I would certainly see it as immature, but this generation never grew up with the belts and rules that my generation did have. We had discipline and boundaries, we knew what and what not to do. We knew what belonged in the bedroom and what belonged outside of it’s doors. It was a different era then, and things have gotten ever so much worse. When I say, “how much further can the boundaries be pushed?” I am serious. I literally cannot believe the things I hear out of the mouths of some of the younger men that I work with. I also cannot believe how the minds of these younger women have turned to mush. Are you really that stupid ladies, to believe that these men don’t want anything more than just to have sex with you?

But I will blame the hormones in the food, chemicals in the air and water. I will blame the untested crap that goes into all the pills and potions of the age. I will also blame the media, especially the internet for instilling these ideas into the heads of our youth. And as the devices get smaller and more portable, so does the need for less social interaction. But I will tell you this – I have a mouth and can speak. I have hands and can write with a tool such as a pencil or pen. But the new world shuns these things. Apparently, it is even considered taboo to actually be in the room with another person while playing a game in favor of playing with thousands of people who you’ll probably never know and meet in your lifetime.

Relationships fail, friendships fade, and all interaction crumbles to it’s bare roots because we have forgotten how to be human beings. Step by step we get closer to being machines, the kind of monstrosities that will shoot and kill each other with no remorse, look down at the bodies and have only one simple utterance in reply:

“U mad bro?”

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