Truchlo Strzygi – Pora Umierac (2018)

Truchlo Stryzgi

Pora Umierac

Godz Of War Productions

What starts out with a surprisingly cheery Polish folk song, Pora Umierac changes into an atmosphere that concerns itself with equal elements of punk, thrash, death and even some elements of black metal, which all seem to work together in order to make for a rough and incredibly in-your-face assault that you’re going to feel regardless of the language barrier. The traditional punk feel of this album really works for it, in a way that more extreme forms of metal can fail to reach. The vocals are quite audible as well, with hefty shouts sometimes giving way to harsh, but well-meant grunts. Sometimes there are even a few background shouts, which again seem to relive the early days of punk, where conformity and censorship were not the sorts of things that people wanted to promote. Only the most vile and filth splattered strains of punk and metal are being offered on this one, along with a bit of doom here and there and even some vocalizations which show a band with far more potential than the punk-influenced offering they’ve given here. I might have been handed a full-length album, but I feel that this just a step towards the kind of band that Truchlo Strzygi could be and certainly will embody in the future. We might even consider the performance a little bit crusty, which I think appeal to many of those in the modern punk scene.

Though as I said, these guys didn’t forget the metal equation of that and it’s one reason I’m definitely considering this a rather solid and forward-thinking release. I’ve already talked up Poland more than necessary and rest assured I’ll be blowing more money at GOG tonight when I get paid, so that will be even more money given to their economy (laughs). But aside from Behemoth, CD Projekt Red and The Witcher, I don’t think there are a lot of people aware of the great creative efforts happening in this country. I’m really thankful for the work I do with Polish bands, because they’re not doing the kind of boring artsy post-metal shit that the majority of western acts are dipping their hands into these days, which might mean that the country is almost completely devoid of hipsters. One could hope, anyway.

In any case, acts like this one and several others show me in spades that there is an active and diverse Polish music scene with the primary goal of evolving extreme music in a far less comfortable direction than what we have had here for what feels like ages now. Poland isn’t trying to make metal safe. They’re trying to make metal grimy, dirty, filthy, and even demonic in some circumstances. When I press the play button on Pora Umierac, I know for a fact that it is an experience unlike anything that we’d be capable of here in the states and not just because of its folk-influence, but because of how many things were thrown into this bucket and stuck, without being glued to artsy harmonies. If you’re interested in what Poland is capable of as far as loud and unruly music is concerned, definitely pick this one up at the link.

(8 Tracks, 41:00)


Purchase HERE (Bandcamp)

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