Truth Corroded – The Saviours Slain (NN Promo 2014)

Truth Corroded - The Saviours Slain

“This third album from Australian modern death thrashers Truth Corroded introduces me to a band that is not unlike Chimaira, Daath and at times even Gojira in so far as riffing is concerned. Fans of this style should be pleasantly pleased with the release, as it definitely mixes melodic death metal elements in with core as is specifically noted in the vocal approach, which I didn’t feel was quite harsh enough for the band. It’s a little too hardcore for me, whereas I thought something thicker and concrete would’ve sold the sound to me. Hence, there are people out there who don’t like that style of vocal and would consider this to be more acceptable and marketable this day and age. That is just fine with me, as the rest of the band seem to perform quite well, with a more than capable drummer and two guitarists who really can light up the sky on the album sometimes. It’s much heavier than Chimaira and less punchy, almost reminding me of the early days of Daath. The atmosphere of the album is quite hostile, as there’s little here to suggest anything less than ferocity and wanton violence. It’s very much the kind of thing that one could put on after a long day of menial labor, or the kind of music that one could listen to while performing such labor…”

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