Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010)

tuckerdaleR, 89 mins
Directed by Eli Craig

The film opens up with some Blair Witch shit. Oh the horror of forgetting to bring beer on your camping trip. Yes this is another film about a group of people telling stories around a damn campfire. A group of college kids are out camping while Tucker and Dale are out enjoying their vacation in a cabin in the woods. New licenses are in the mail? WTF? There’s not a DMV anywhere they can get licenses from? Cop believes this shit? Wish the cops around my town would pull over these assholes for not using their turn signals. The two hillbillies rescued one of the college girls who knocked herself unconscious while swimming. Her friends thinks the hillbillies have kidnapped and ate her. There is something wrong with Chad. Chad leads the gang on a mission to kill the hillbillies. Oh hey, there’s our friend the chainsaw! Dude runs straight into a wood chipper and Tucker asks the guy if he’s okay. These kids are going all kamikaze on Tucker and Dale. Stupid kid doesn’t know how to work a gun. Tucker ends up getting caught and gets his fingers cut off. When Allison sits Dale and Chad down to talk out their shit over some tea Tucker provides the finger sandwiches.



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