Unsacred Seed – Frontiers

Unsacred Seed - Frontiers

Unsacred Seed – Frontiers (BR2014) – Unsacred Seed are an experimental melodic death metal act who also incorporate electronics into the mix. But the first thing that you’ll notice on the album is just how thick the gravel is, making Frontiers sound more like the brutal death style of classic Cryptopsy or Cannibal Corpse than the style that you’d expect for metal with as much melody as has been shown here. There’s also a screamer on the disc, but they seem to duet throughout much of it as the guitars work to decorate the chunky drum work and meaty bass riffs that seem to place this music in between Swedish melodic death metal and American brutal death metal. It’s an odd mix that works and should definitely appeal to fans of both genres respectively.

Now I will say that because these two different styles (namely, the amount of melody and immense brutality) are being mixed together in such an odd fashion, there’s just a little bit that gets lost in the mix. We lose some guitar melodies to the hammering drums in “The Gods Themselves 5:59” but with the next track, “Eyes Of The Universe 4:43” these kinds of melodies are showcased a bit better, at least in the beginning. The production is just a little rough this time around, but there’s no doubt that these guys have talent and I’d certainly like to hear where they’ll go in the future. I have a love/hate relationship with “Temporal Distortions 5:22” however, because I feel that too much of the bro-core vocal approach is used on the song, despite some awesome melodies. If they could have switched out the gut-punch vocal with the screams, I would have more respect for the track as a whole. Come on guys, that’s like putting dirt in my ice water.

At any rate, I do believe that with multiple listens, the amazement of this album will surely be felt; as such with the wondrous closing melodies of “The Watchers 5:38” (because if you’re not affected by that, then you don’t have ears) and several other breathtaking passages that breathe between the fierce bouts of interstellar carnage on the disc. Lyrically, the album is based on many scientific ideas (and science fiction elements) in addition to metaphysical themes, but these ideas come off so violently that even if you don’t care for the lyrics, you’ll certainly dig the approach that the album has to offer. I haven’t heard anything like this before, to be honest. These guys can literally light the universe on fire when they’re not pounding it with a meteor shower. Heavy as fuck, yet also beautifully rendered; this is one hell of an album. Definitely get your hands on it when it comes out. There’s no way that you’ll be regretting traveling through these frontiers.

(8 Tracks, 44:00)



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