Thoughts On Life Vol. 1

As by now you’re all aware that this site also encompasses my personal thoughts. I’ve always been one of those kinds of people to air everything out into the open, that way I have nothing to hide. I’ve never found myself to be all that interesting really; I’m just a writer after all. But if there’s one thing that has always interested me, it’s the unknown. The unknown is something that I tend to write quite a bit about in my stories, or even think about when I’m just meandering about in day to day activities. I’m the kind of person to get lost in thought real easily, while at the grocery store or just looking around at things in general. I like to watch people sometimes too. Although it sounds a bit creepy, it’s not so much that I’m interested in them in some voyeuristic manner; it’s just that I like to place my own story behind them. It’s never much, but while waiting for my food to cook while at the mall I see all kinds of different types walking about. You’ve got the young couples who are still new to adult life and have a Romeo and Juliet complex until the bills start rolling in. Then you’ve got the athletic types who swear to themselves that there’s nothing else in the world to believe in but that chosen sport and perhaps the deity who they believe has graced them with such potential. You’ve got the young mothers who dally about on their cell phones, completely aware of the brain tumors they’ll get later in life; while they push around children who will be taught by same said phone, or the television. Perhaps the man in the relationship was never really there, as he was taught that she was just another conquest and the child is an unexpected result of him not deploying proper safety measures during intercourse. More than likely, he flew the coop. You seldom see a couple and a child together, but it is a good thing when you do; because you want to believe that the two of them actually care about each other and the family. It happens, I know men who’ve proven it to be true; so you want to think that it’s possible in their case. And these people, they come from all walks of life and several different backgrounds. America is certainly the melting pot that you’d expect it to be (for my foreign readers) so if you are offended by a vast mix of culture and color, then it would not be a place for you to visit.

What was it that the girl on Dr.Phil said a couple days ago? Something about her wanting to leave the country because she felt that we don’t have any real culture? That the Middle East is full of culture, or Denmark is full of culture? I can certainly see how that might figure in. Most American culture is corporatized these days, Coca-Cola even becomes a part of our culture, as in the south we use the term “coke” to describe any soda. “I’ve got some cokes in the fridge” is a normal saying, they might not even be Coca-Cola (which I don’t recommend because of the caffeine and sugar content) drinks or even cola, but we still refer to them as cokes. It’s something that’s been engrained in our culture for years, just like sweet tea. Football is also a staple of American culture, it’s definitely something that white males enjoy quite a bit, yet on rare occasions are there Hockey fans (mostly Canadians) and Basketball fans. Despite the racial notion of this observation, I’ve noticed Basketball to be a closely African American related event. I’m not sure why, really. But I’ve also noticed a lot of African American people who enjoy Football just as much as the Caucasians. So perhaps things are widening in that respect, as they should. I personally don’t quite get into sports as much as some people; I’ve never found much interest in them. In Europe, what we call “soccer” is a great deal more popular; yet they’ve got Rugby which is what I’ve always thought was a bit more brutal than Football in that they don’t wear the pads and helmets. But I’m not here to talk about sports. It’s about our culture, a culture that a TV puppet claims that we don’t have. American culture involves Christianity also, strangely enough. I’ve heard it said that over here we have “God, Mom and Apple Pie” which certainly describes the culture. We’re the land of opportunity, even though we have seen more overseas production of our products in sweatshops than ever before. Most of our electronics were made in one of these very sweatshops, with microchips that incorporate gold which was also mined in some overseas labor camp. But this is our culture too, I suppose. Celebrities sport what they consider “high fashion” even though the materials used to make such gaudy clothes are unknown as well as the hands used to produce them. Of course I think of celebrities as walking billboards, especially with shows like TMZ which seem to show these celebrities as gods. I made that very clear in “Order Of The Ebon Hand” which is currently yet to be released. I have caught a couple of these TMZ shows and notice how people seem to be so mystified by someone with all this glitz, glamour, fame and notoriety. But they are the embodiment of the American dream, correct? Not quite. They seem to display a level of fame which most of us will never get because we don’t strive for that, or we already known better. Who really wants to become a walking billboard? Would you like to see your face plastered all over the covers of every magazine when you walk into the nearest market to pick up a few things? Perhaps have paparazzi waiting outside your home when you get up in the morning, like what happened to Jared Leto the day after he won the award for The Dallas Buyer’s Club? I think Michael Jackson tired of it himself, yet he also knew about the elite underbelly that runs underneath all the glitz and glam; the masquerade balls and the sick fetishes only the truly depraved would inhibit behind closed doors, hence the need for masks. Otherwise it’s singular people being their depraved selves in the privacy of their own homes while using websites like and a vast amount of others.

The true American dream is that one can start a business, a brand or an empire and become known for doing it. Perhaps one can become wealthy from such labors, but we must remember that money isn’t everything; regardless of what some might say. Should a man live in humbleness or in excess? The media only shows that more is better, because they’re trying to get you to purchase that life. You heard me right; they want you to buy what they’re selling; because they are in the business of making money. In music, it’s not talent that makes major labels for the most part, it’s an image and a catchiness that will appeal to people. The same with movies. Why come up with something new, when so many tried and true films have already been made? I expect to see many more remakes in the future, as they continue to dig through my childhood and give newer approaches to things that were already fine to begin with. Someone’s already working on an adaptation of The Stand, even though the classic miniseries was more than enough. It fit the bill for the time period. We can remake Carrie a billion more times over; it won’t change the fact that the original was the best. Stephen King is definitely an American treasure as far a literature goes, but now they’re just capitalizing on the man’s legacy. Hence we’ve seen even more remakes this year, being Robocop and Godzilla for starters. The Ninja Turtles are even coming out this year in a live-action format, even though I remember being knee high to a grasshopper when they first appeared on the big screen. I was a Ninja Turtle nut, there’s no question about that. But as I approach thirty and see that they’re still trying to bring the Turtles back, I’m a bit worried. Have we run out of ideas? The Power Rangers are still going on, long after I thought that show would have eventually petered out. Ron Wasserman’s now in his fifties, but some of you might remember his rousing anthems in the original nineties debut of the television series. The man recently released a collection of re-recorded versions of these classics, even though I preferred the originals because there’s programmed drums on the new album and it doesn’t hit quite as hard as the originals. Certainly these tracks were a gateway into heavier music for me. But as I said, we’re acting as if all ideas are spent these days; with no one coming up with anything truly interesting or meritable. There’s a few indies out there, but that’s just like with music. You have to get a shovel and dig if you want to find anything good.

I didn’t talk much about religion, but that’s because I feel that there is something gravely and inherently wrong about faith being tied to a certain country or culture of people. It is as if one man believes his path to God to be more right than another. If you’re in America, you’re more likely to be Christian than anything else, whereas Catholicism is mainly practiced in Europe and Buddhism in Asian countries, with Hinduism practiced in India. I’ve never understood why religion varied from culture and I feel that there are many problems with this. It’s almost like religion itself has become culture. Which strikes me as inherently odd. If religion (re-legion) is supposed to realign one’s self with the divine, then why are there so many different cultural faiths? Why would we assume that a Mexican is a Catholic? Because a Mexican can’t be a Christian? Why do we assume that an Indian person is Hindu? Can they not be Muslim or even Christian? Christianity has actually been suppressed heavily in China, though I hear it is growing due to influence of western culture in Asian countries. I’m personally a free-thinker, which means that I don’t have any personal boundaries as far as what to believe in, noting that it all of it seems to intersect in some way or another. But that’s where this comes full-circle and back to the unknown. As I’ve said, I believe that there are still things about us that we do not know and won’t understand for several ages to come. People still debate on where we came from, as we’ve got the old creation vs. evolution debacle. My personal theory is something that I call god-aided evolution, in that a divine source helped to create us as part of itself and we constantly evolve with time. There are signs that we are evolving with each generation, yet those are constantly being hindered by the elite and their control methods like fluoride for example, which is a highly dangerous poison which calcifies the pineal gland and blocks people from reaching their higher potential. Of course, there are worse things than that; like the slow kills and whatnot, but all that is there to lesson your life and block your ability. Children usually are pure and haven’t yet been exposed to this crap yet, so we can’t see or understand what they can. I’ve heard of several children muttering about with past lives and walking with spirit guides and the whole nine yards. An imaginary friend might not be so imaginary after all, the parents just can’t see it because they’ve been exposed to years of toxicity. And all this has to deal with my interest in things occult and unknown; my endless yearn for study and my stubbornness to avoid religious chains. I almost feel that Christianity was an attempt to silence man from ever daring to research his inner nature, due to fairytales of possessions and such. Though things are out there, what we point our finger at is something we don’t have enough factual evidence to prove. We don’t know what lies beyond the veil, because we don’t allow ourselves to go. I’ve heard it said on forums and people have written books that tell us they’ve had so called bad experiences because their mindset was situated in a place where fear took over and ruined the experience of astral projection. Recently, some ex-witch doctor released a book about how he moved over to Christianity because he had one too many hits of anyuasca (sp?) and started seeing things he purported to be evil. I’ve heard people discuss “black-eyed children” and “aliens as demons in disguise” as well as “shadow creatures.” Sure, I’ve seen weird things in the dark, but I don’t pay attention to them. The mind is a great hallucinator after all. We can see things when certain chemicals take over and cause us to see things. Also, don’t forget that our pineal glands are being royally fucked and blocked daily by the chemicals that we ingest. How do we know we’re getting a legitimate experience in the first place?

Yet I still feel that there’s something in Numerology, Runes, Astrology, forms of occult magick and several other pathways to knowledge. There’s something in these forms that people who didn’t have clogged pineal glands could understand. It is actually very possible that cultures like the Egyptians knew a bit more about our connection than we did. Before patriarchal pharaohs and Dead Sea scrolls however. Remember that merchants used to sell additions to these scrolls in order to convince someone that they might not have all the spells needed once they’ve crossed to the other side. Might there be some sort of extra-terrestrial connection between us? That’s been debated for ages and I’m not about to throw my two cents into that jar. But I will say that we need to realize that we are heavily clogged by toxins, chemicals and other hazardous materials that are doing many things to our bodies that we aren’t even aware of. Surely they would be able to screw up the spiritual connection through the vessel. It makes perfect sense. We ingest small quantities of chemicals these days which are probably labeled with a skull and crossbones, in all actuality. We eat and drink things that we wouldn’t if we knew what was in them. These chemicals wreak havoc on us and there’s little we can do about it. I know that corn for sure is tainted with all sorts of harmful agents, but corn is everything. So we’re all getting fucked in that regard. I do feel that we’re on the cusp of a new age however, something that could either be a benefit or a disaster. I’m guessing disaster unfortunately, as one too many of us are drinking the kool-aid and not realizing what’s going on. I could make ten and twenty albums about this and might write a few songs about it later, but when you consider the unknown, you’ve got to think about all these toxins preventing us from reaching the unknown. You’ve got enough chemicals in your body right now to fuel a factory. How could your essence ever communicate with a higher divinity when you’re trapped in all that waste? Jesus is easy, Jesus is reliable. Jesus almost seems like a way out in fact, something that most people see in the modern image, the Son Of God image. Which makes me wonder how many women would devote themselves to Christ if he didn’t look like an attractive muscle-bound male with long hair. But all we had of Christ were paintings by people who never knew him or saw him, so we’ve know idea what he would have looked like. Just a bunch of Italian paintings. Roman Catholic paintings. People here flock to Jesus because it’s the most simple way to reach God. It doesn’t require anything but daily devotion or to read the Bible all the time, maybe going to church on Sundays. Some people consider themselves religious if they just attend church on Sundays. I’ve heard of Satanists who attend church on Sundays because they consider it an act of blasphemy against God. They don’t have to pray to Allah five times a day or really commit to a certain diet. There is no Christian diet. There is a Muslim diet, and several other religions have diets. I’ve never in my life seen a “Jesus diet.” Never. As long as I was Christian (16 years) I’ve never known any sort of thing like this. I do believe that people are boldly mistaken about many things these days, and that seems to be how to corporate elite controlled media wants them to be. We don’t seek the unknown. We’re fine with the known, the face value and what lies within the box. Few venture outside of their thoughtscape, which makes them incredibly pliable and incredibly suggestible. It’s very easy to influence someone who doesn’t question their world, so it’s easy to keep them mildly entertained and comfortable. It’s like most of us are sitting at home in a box, while watching a puppet show. “Don’t worry about this, look at this!” is the message we receive. But sometimes it’s good to turn the fucking TV off and get back to reality. Not the portrayed reality, but the real deal. I think I’d like to know more and perhaps that’s dangerous these days. I don’t really care.

At any rate, these are my thoughts for today and I’m glad that you sat and read through them. I’ll have more later, when I’ve actually got something to say.


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