Valyria – Steel Inquisition (Single) (2016)

Previously known as Winter’s Legacy, this Canadian Melodic/Death Power Metal act released an EP back in ’14 by the name of Collatus. Now they’re releasing a short single to most likely promote their next offering which will be upon us soon enough. First of all, the track starts off rather heavy with absolutely blistering drums and melodies that remind me heavily of Ensiferum or Rhapsody of Fire. There’s also a bit of Neoclassicism here, which makes for an elegant, yet surprisingly brutal and slightly modernized piece. Cam Dakus (Bass) is considered the band’s lead vocalist, but both guitarists (Andrew Traynor and Jeremy Puffer) use more of a death core approach to vocals, which duels with the clean vocal approach and makes for a rather accessible sound. But where these guys really excel is in structure and atmosphere. As I said, this track reminds me of something like Rhapsody of Fire, Ensiferum or Wintersun, albeit an early approach that will get better with more time and experience. Even so, both the axemen show that they’ve got the style down and manage a pretty nice solo piece in lieu of all the pomp. It definitely has that “epic melodeath” style sound and you don’t need me to tell you that. It’s quite promising and much better than I would have expected at first. They’ve got the chops down and this track works for me – but let’s see what else these guys can do. (The Grim Lord)



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