Vampire – Vampire (2014)

Vampire - self titled

But this isn’t your ordinary throwback and it’s not just a bunch of guys trying to re-re-resurrect Grave and Entombed. According to the band, that early nineties scene had “too much groove and not enough atmosphere” so they threw in some black metal elements, but not so thickly that it no longer sounds like death metal. What you get is a rustic sounding relic with rippling muscularity and definition as tracks like “The Bestial Abyss” and “Cellar Grave Vampire” showcase. The fury of the grime ridden punk riffs can be heard and felt as they seem to fit Hand Of Doom’s grueling vocals perfectly. This guy’s definitely been listening to the earliest of death metal records, as his unearthly howl sounds nothing like the cookie-cutter gravel that we expect from death metal these days. What, were you expecting me to say cookie monster? Sometimes, you just have to nail down tough facts and give some of these one dimensional vocalists their due. At any rate, his performance coupled with Black String’s eerie, yet melodic riffing make this package not one to miss out on. It’s clearly death metal with a spirit, which has been lacking from the genre as of late…”

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