Vaura – The Missing (2014)

Vaura - The Missing

“To be honest, the album’s title cut (which also doubles as its opener) does little to really impress me, sounding like some regular old metalgaze band. They might as well not even do them, since the slower pace of “Incomplete Burning” seems to satisfy with nary a blast from the kit. Yet then again, there’s “The Fire,” which sees a better song and choral structure than the album’s opener. Perhaps it should have been the title cut. “Mare Of The Snake” came next as it went right into Depeche Mode territory, which suited me just fine. The alternative rock vocal approach of “Pleasure Blind” could indeed make it an indie rock hit, yet it is a solid track in general due to its subtle beauty. “Passage To Vice” throws in acoustics and electronics, as well as other experimentation that very much differentiates this band from being metal at all; let alone black metal. “The Things We All Hide” takes a turn into quiet psychedelia, seeming more of an atmosphere than anything else. As we get closer to the bottom of the record, we are approached with the light indie rock meets aggressive metal approach of “Braced For Collapse,” which will certainly be a difficult track to absorb for most people, especially if you don’t prefer the core approach of the vocal screams. For the most part, the track reserves a subtle sense of silence much in the vein of Depeche Mode again; though the slight bits of heaviness that remind me of unchecked teenage angst should not be there at all…”

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