Velvet Viper – Respice Finem (2018)

Velvet Viper

Respice Finem

GMR Music Group

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this female fronted heavy metal act, but I found myself quite entertained by the effort and would easily compare it to the work of German heavy metal goddess, Doro. Though in all actuality, this is the first album that the German act have released since ’92 and that’s quite intriguing. Fans of the prior two records will notice that aside from frontwoman Jutta Weinhold, the entire band lineup is new aside from guitar virtuoso Holger Marx and bassist Fabian Ranft who have been playing a mix of hard and classic rock previously, in Weinhold’s solo act.

Though the album begins with a rather light note at the beginning of “Don’t Leave Before Wintertime” the piece heats up in a vein that certainly works for this exploration of classic heavy metal. “Shadow Ryche” features a full choir in the background, in addition to some wonderful solos performed by Marx. These solos are so ridiculously intricate that they make my mouth water. I will admit that I’m not the biggest fan of Weinhold’s vocal approach, but she does a pretty respectable job of it, despite a few sections of rust creeping in here and there. Then we have the album’s title cut which features what I believe to be at least a three to five-minute instrumentation featuring not only impressive guitar work, but some fantastic keyboard playing. I feel like I’m jamming to Vitalij Kuprij here and that’s saying something. The formula rolls on a little bit until the band switch gears with the doomy “Ogaydez” and eventually work towards an anthemic number in “Law Of Rock” to close the disc off with “Loherangrin-Loherangrin” which is mostly what we’d consider to be an epic of sorts. Said epic also features yet another duel of guitar and keyboards. These keyboard acrobatics are all thanks to Corvin Bahn, an integral part of the performance. In any case, while Respice Finem might not be one of my personal favorites of the year, it is certainly a solid release with some electrifying musical performances. Marx is an amazing guitarist and Bahn adds fuel to the hotly blazing fire that is already apparent on this disc. Check it out at the link below.

(11 Tracks, 60:00)


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