Vetrarnott – Scion EP (2018)


Scion EP


There’s an odd story behind this intriguing black metal release, which revolves around the fact that I was either sent the song file in a very weird format or that some cryptic server hosted it, which was well beyond my intellect. Which is surprising. In any case, I had to use the YouTube stream for it and that’s a wee bit low quality, so I can’t promise that your listening experience will be quite like mine. In any case, I will say that the record is as frantic as it is complex, as melodies wrap around fearsome drum acrobatics to coat a mixture of rasp and growl in a way that paints a tapestry with every new section introduced into the piece. It starts with one style, but metamorphoses several times throughout the album, even allowing for some clean (albeit dark) vocal moments. I’m mostly intrigued by the fact that this recording doesn’t stick to one style and even incorporates a rather unexpected instrumental section. I’m sure that there are multiple songs here as the YouTube stream features several breaks, but altogether it rolls up into one twenty-minute multivariate of structures within the extreme (and not so extreme) selections of black metal. All in all, I’m quite pleased and would definitely recommend the performance as a whole. I hope that the musician here will continue to build these riff structures further and create something that truly comes off amazing. Though there is no question in my mind that Scion has potential. It’s just a shame that he missed the original Adult Swim Scion EP run years ago, I am sure that the car company would have loved the promotion there. Give it a listen at the link below.

(3 Tracks, 20:00)


Purchase HERE (Bandcamp)



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