One thing that has been surprising to me since I started writing for this site is just how many good Death Metal bands Australia has. Vomitor’s “Pestilent Death” is a Death Metal record with a vintage Speed Metal flair. The riffing, drumming, indeed even the production seems to owe as much to bands like Exciter and Raven as it does to the likes of Morbid Angel and Obituary. Yes, Vomitor are big on the start-stop style of arrangement that is so ubiquitous in Death Metal since at least the middle 1990’s. However, the arrangements breathe. There are identifiable and, dare I say, even catchy riffs here. There guitar solos, where present, skew more towards vintage Thrash chaos than over the top sonic pyrotechnics. The vocals are delivered in staccato barks that almost sound like they were treated with a slight bit of reverb and sit more in the middle of the mix, rather than being the all to common oppressive, up front bro gurgle. The drum tone is refreshingly real, rather than sounding like a typewriter. The songs are also kept fairly short, with only “Tremendous Insane” breaking the five minute mark. I find that extreme metal tunes work better when they are kept on the shorter side. Something that seems to be sadly lost on many bands these days. “Pestilent Death” is an eminently enjoyable Death Metal release that should satisfy most fans that don’t go for the sterile, ridiculously technical, and often tinny sounding side of the genre. It may even sit well with some thrashers too.

Score: 7/10

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