Wailin Storms – One Foot In The Flesh Grave (2015)

Well, I say this a lot, but these guys look like a bunch of hipsters. That’s not a problem though (sips tea) as I’ve been lately more interested in the intriguing approaches that such hipsters have made in the rock and metal scenes as of late. Wailin Storms remind me a load of Danzig, albeit with more of that Misfits punk feel and arguably more aggression. Don’t get me wrong, these guys get pretty damn heavy, especially near the end of “Walk” (5:26) but they also channel some of the indie flavor that Queens Of The Stone Age and Eagles Of Death Metal are known for. I don’t think it would be right to call these guys completely metal, but they obviously have their tinges and really put on a show insofar as the guitar work is concerned. One Foot In The Flesh Grave is one of those discs that deliver just as much with the hard-hitting vocals as it does with the riffs, and that’s what people are going to notice. As a matter of fact, I can already see some Queens fans jumping at the bit for something like this. Though a much harsher approach, it still carries that same vibe and feels like it’s own thing. There’s a shot of these guys on the stage, so that means they do play shows, and you’d probably want to go see this shindig done live. I just have a feeling that what is already a high-energy album here is going to sound even more in your face when you’re literally watching them play just a few feet away from you. It’s not too out of character to call these guys punk either, because that element is certainly there and quite audible in the listen. If you can’t hear the punk and indie rock elements playing happily together here, then you might be a bit tone-deaf or something. I dunno. In any case, I picked this one because it just stuck out to me from the start. It was a flavorful, full-bodied listen with a lot of raw energy and well meant song-structure. I should hope that these guys find fame, because if they don’t, something is clearly wrong with the agents and they need to be retired and replaced with men and women who know what good rock music is. Or at least what good modern rock music is, that represents this day and age. While not classic, it has all the elements of several notable genres and could grow to be something very huge in the coming months. I simply love it, so maybe you will too.

(7 Tracks, 32:00)


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