Warfist – Metal To The Bone (2016)

Although a bit on the short side, this sophomore full-length from the Polish black thrashers is quite punishing, which is what we want. It actually managed to get some coverage on Metal Archives as well, with a combined score of 85%. That’s not bad at all, and we can see why with all of the notable Venom and Sarcofago influences in play here. Metal To the Bone is a hugely drum-laden album, where the sound of a raw kit can be as blatantly discerned as the familiar thrash riffs that populate this disc. Frontman Wrath is one of those bassist/vocalist types that play so well in this genre, with his guitar playing coming off just as ravenous as his vocal abrasions. Wrath doesn’t try to sound like a demon or some other kind of evil entity, as his tone feels a bit more human and comes off as a sort of “pissed off individual” that seems to fit the performance much better. Keep in mind, Tom Araya never felt the need to sound like some sort of unholy creature and we’d still consider him a heavy metal legend – one of the major thrash vocalists of our era. This can be applied to the frontman as well. Occasionally, lead guitarist HellVomit will also throw in a few lines, but we’re more interested in his fiery handling of the material in general, which he performs without a hitch – thrashers need to know that this record is definitely a “what you see is what you get affair” in all of the right ways. There are even smidgens of thrash’s early roots in punk to be found in some of the compositions here, which are worth nodding to – especially now that the punk genre has become a fucking caricature of itself. People often forget that thrash evolved from the heaviest of punk bands, and it’s that sort of ballsy edge that really gave rise to one of the most volatile and unremorseful kinds of music out there. While not every track travels at over 100BPM, there are necessary chunks of groove-laden and experimental pieces like “Breed Of War” that add a bit more variety to the listen. Even if you were expecting a straight black/speed effort all of the way through, you really can’t turn down the aforementioned, as it’s just a great sign of musical maturity for these guys. I thnk when a band shows that it can do more than just copy itself on subsequent records, it’s worth writing home about and Warfist are just that kind of band. Interestingly enough, different vocal styles are implemented shortly thereafter in the album’s short title cut; though you won’t hear them anywhere else on the disc and that’s fine. While most of the disc is another day at the office so to speak – it’s definitely done the genre justice and feels like the very definition of a classic black/thrash record in the modern era. Several bands have attempted similar, but these guys managed to pull it off perfectly. Metal To The Bone won’t revolutionize the genre, nor did it set out to do so. In short, the album sounds exactly like it claims to be and truly feels like metal to the bone.

(9 Tracks, 30:00)




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