What Happened To The Grim Tower?

It is obvious that I have a lot of explaining to do. I’m sure that many of you want to know why most of the reviews, interviews and articles are gone from The Grim Tower. There’s no easy way to put this, but those are gone forever. Unless I literally spent hundreds of man hours re-posting them, which I will definitely not be doing.

Let it be clear, this was one-hundred percent my fault and I boomered it up when it came to understanding how websites work. You see, I had been getting messages that my website needed to transfer over to the latest version of PHP. Well, I left that alone, as the transfer would always fail. However, what I did not know is that my former website host and administrator stopped paying for the website. What does that mean? Well, just after I posted my first Illusion Sex Simulator article, the website was deleted with NO backups. Why? Simply put, the storage duration that he had put on the website just happened to end on that day. There was nothing I could do about it. I called my web host and they explained everything in a fairly simple manner. While he gave me the domain, the website was still being stored in his account and I was completely unaware of it. To those who aren’t techies, this simply means that he gave me the keys, but the car is still in his garage. Since I never came to claim it, it was destroyed. I had no idea that this was the case. It would have cost me a hundred bucks to move everything and I did have the money for that, I was just unaware.

Due to my foolishness, hundreds, if not thousands of pages of material had now been lost. I am considering re-posting a few pieces however, like our Monster Girl Quest article, which was viewed so heavily that I think it would be foolish to remove from the internet. So that is going back up. I do not see the need to re-post my article about project melody or any of my incel work. All of that is handled in a completely different branch of my work. Don’t be surprised that you see less articles about that kind of thing with me. I have another avenue for that kind of work and it is not here.

What you will see are more product reviews. I’d like to go back and cover some indie acts again, but I’d also like to increase coverage on gaming, comic books, movies and of course adult games as I stated earlier. I still have those pieces and according to a few commenters on PC Gamer, there is a real desire to see professional reviews for adult games. Because after all, just because your game has sex in it, does not exclude it from the merits of gameplay. The Rance series has shown me that.

I do have a few articles that I do feel are not related to the manosphere however, but they are related to hobbies that men and women enjoy. There are a few articles coming about topics like moral degeneracy, the origin of the anime waifu and more. I’m attempting to dispel some notions in the Twitterverse that fans of this culture are attracted to youths, which is diabolical and positively untrue. Though what I am seeing are those who attempt to call out the anime fanbase actually getting arrested for trying to contact minors on the internet. One might say that much of this calling out of the anime community over these waifu characters may be a sense of projection.

At any rate, we will try to make it entertaining and we also want to make this a place for the promotion of independent creators in multiple media fields. We also want to cover the classics, giving old titles another look in the modern era.

Make no mistake, we will still call out issues within the community in regards to political correctness and current cancel culture. We just want to do a bit more than that.

– The Grim Lord



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