Witch Casket – Hatred Index (2018)

A groove heavy type of melodic and technical blackened deathcore being marketed as progressive black/death, we have California’s Witch Casket. The problem with these guys, is that Hatred Index feels more like a product than an album. Which is awfully ironic, considering that Metal Archives reviewers said the same thing about the currently “on-hold” black metal project Sothis which housed many of Witch Casket’s members and only released one album.

The performance here is quite raw, with as I mentioned; an overly excessive sense of groove. The band does have one good thing going for them though, which happens to be guitarists Nylock and Scathe who were both in Sothis and manage to shine through with their odes to Dethklok inspired melodic death metal. There was also a progressive section on closer, “The True Knot” which I also enjoyed along with the Carl Sagan-esque keyboard synths that complete the album.

Frontman Drogoth sounds just as hamfisted as ever, but his approach is quite bearable, all things considered. There are some gutpunch vocal efforts utilized on this album, which I don’t care for very much and would consider a major turn-off. It also often feels like too many things are happening at once, which sounds as convoluted as you might expect.

Hatred Index feels like a packaging of all of the popular styles utilized in metal today, though mixed into a pot of soup with no meat to be found – it’s just broth, folks. Just a kind of sort of heavy, soupy broth. Some people might really get into this one and that’s fine, but I’ve honestly heard much better. Still, everything is worth a listen and you can do so at the link below.

(5 Tracks, 24:00)


Purchase HERE (Bandcamp)



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