With The End In Mind – Unraveling; Arising (2018)

With The End In Mind combine post and black metal in a way that might come across as hit or miss from some listeners. The album’s title track and “From The True Source” seem to solidify that, as it opens on a truly light-hearted note. Don’t get me wrong though, because once the disc fills with blast beats and harsh screams, it really starts to bring the thunder. However, I do think that black metal purists might have a bit of a time with just how much like regular post metal this one sounds. It seems to hit Wolves In The Throne Room or even early Krallice territory, but feels a bit bizarre in its attempt to capture two completely different musical emotives. The riffs are also quite calming and do not seem to evoke a sense of fear nor dread, making me think I’m relaxing on a Hawaiian island somewhere while a drummer is pounding directly behind me. Although I appreciate this attempt to combine the harmless with the harmful, it seems to neuter the listen altogether. It’s grim and fearsome whenever it chooses to be, but still wants to bask in light melancholy. Though my band have elements of post that we don’t deny, there’s just too much of a sense of happiness here and that even seems to roll off directly into full on post metal as “Anguish Symmetry” dictates. The black metal scowls have even been replaced by a standard post metal grunt, making me feel as though as if these guys wanted to put Neurosis and Emperor into a blender and see what would come out. Though not bad, I’m rather confused at how I’m supposed to feel on this one. Maybe it would come off a bit better if I was high.

(5 Tracks, 55:00)



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