Zora McBride’s Reviews: Dark Hound – Oceans (2015)

This EP from Tennessee progressive/heavy metal act Dark Hound is a strong release that manages to straddle the boundary between (good) modern rock and a more metallic end of the spectrum. It is a straightforward offering, devoid of any moments of fluff or
tedious stretches. It is the opposite of pretentious. From the
beginning to the conclusion, the listener knows what they are in for and it is a solid ride.

With vocals seeming to draw upon influences such as Devin Townsend,
Iron Maiden and Megadeth (The Ocean) as the guitars make their transitions from strong, chugging power cords to more intricate passages and savory solos (Rearview Mirror) the record offers us a very pleasant alternative to its mainstream and radio-friendly counterparts. It is accessible, but not at the cost of musicianship or an enjoyable listen. The lyrics are abstracted from specifics, but not overly esoteric, discussing such things as rejuvenation and rebirth, (Thread) regret and resentment, (Rearview Mirror) as well as the search for meaning and fulfillment through the maze of existence (Just as Blind).

I’ll strongly recommend this one to those fans of hard rock and heavy
metal that would like something meatier to chew on than much of the
usual fare can provide. (Zora McBride)

(5 Tracks, 24:00)




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