Zora McBride’s Reviews: Vorzug – Call Of The Vultures (2015)


Arizonian black/death metal act Vorzug’s Call Of The Vultures is both a connected interplay of musical ideas and a fantastic blend of a variety of styles. This is an album one must digest in its entirety. It’s all about the dynamics between the tracks, the interplay of the intense, of the approachable, and even the euphoric.

If I had to label it in any conventional sense, the phrase ‘blackened
death’ comes very much to mind.  From an overt courting of black metal with their opening solo that might’ve come from Mörk Gryning, (At Winter’s End) and the onset of a flurry of intensity with a wild, blast-beat-infused bridge to…a melodic, but equally brutal sound. This is one of many surprises that tempers the desire to simply toss the band into a single category.

These guys certainly have a solid grasp on smoothly alternating from one style to another, with an evident lack of any requisite
transitions. This is by no means a downside. They are simply so
comfortable that transitions become unnecessary. Blink too quickly and you might think yourself hearing another song. A favorite in this regard is (Making Them Bleed) which switches from the rising scales of its earlier moments to a fantastic vicious breakdown that puts me in mind of Lamb of God’s (Blood Junky) and then makes a flawless return to the previous passage.

With softer but no less menacing vocals, guitars that know their way
around the spastic, (Duck Tape Rapist) to the gradual, almost-doom, yet climactic, (Broken dreams) we can rest assured that we are relatively safe in the hands of this music’s creators. Recommended for fans of Agolloch, [while the songs are certainly shorter, there similarities particularly in the melodic moments] and Absence of the Sacred.

(9 Tracks, 32:00)




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