Editorial: The Grim Lord’s Defense of Sexbots and Other Forms of Human Emulation

I recently bought a Super-Retrocade from Retro-Bit, which you might see a lot of talk about as soon as you enter the term into Google. Make no mistake, it is an emulation box quite like the Retro-Pie but with less trouble, some might say. This little box replicates the Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Genesis/Megadrive, Gameboy and Arcade machines, among other systems. Like most emulation, it isn’t at all perfect and some games remain a bit fuzzy or choppy and some of them even have misaligned music and sound effects. The frame rate isn’t quite good either, but it’s close. From a purist’s standpoint, it is barely even like the real thing. That being said, it still brings about the same feeling with these games that I had when I was a younger fellow. Even though I’m not playing on those bulky old plastic consoles, I’m still walking out with the same intended nostalgia – and it works! But I’m not here to review the Retrocade today, as the article heading implies. Instead, I’m here to talk about sex robots and other forms of human emulation.

First of all, I don’t really like the name “sexbot” as it seems to be a sort of derogatory statement regarding this technology. While yes, people will engage in sexual acts with these machines, that doesn’t mean that sexual gratification is the be-all/end-all of this technology. As Matt McMullen, creator of the now famous Harmony robot stated; he doesn’t see these things as merely sex objects. They are “companion robots” and there is a very large difference there. If you don’t see it, let me spell it out to you. Sure, a robot might be good for sexual pleasure and such, but you might just want someone to talk to – maybe to blab about your day or to sit and watch TV with, perhaps even to cuddle. The robot will care (or emulate that it cares) about the events of your life and may even inquire more about them. That’s not to say that the average woman won’t, but people have moods and robots do not. Some of us know that our husbands and wives have tuned them out for years, but this machine will actually sit down, listen and literally process everything that you’ve said and respond in tune. Though it can’t right now, the robot will be able to put its arms around you and whisper sweet nothings into your ear (or perhaps extremely filthy words, depending on your taste) which a great deal of people seem to want right now. Apparently (because God forbid that I cite a study for which I have no proof) we are living in the loneliest age of mankind, with more single people reported than ever before in human history. I’m still not quite sure why that is, but I feel that the current technological age might play a role. More or less, what technology ruined, it is now is attempting to fix. And yes, McMullen revealed at CES 2018 a few weeks ago that a male robot is in the demo stages, so there will be something to offer for both sexes, including transsexual options that seem a bit odd to me, but may benefit someone else.

Still, one might ask – Why? Why would you possibly forego human cohabitation and reproduction for an inanimate object of wires and plastic? Isn’t the purpose of life to carry on your bloodline for future generations? Well, yes. But we already have eight-billion people on the planet. Do we really have enough resources to go around as it is? I mean, I’m already wasting valuable resources just by having this laptop powered on. If the universe wills some kind of depopulation plan in this manner, then so be it. The fact of the matter is that some people, like myself; have very difficult times in relationships due to not understanding social cues. I also deal with an oppressive amount of anxiety that makes even talking to people or looking them in the eye a bit of a task. It’s never easy and my nerves are on such a level that if I notice an unexpected anomaly that may be the opposite of what I expect, I can fall into a certain level of mild-depression. It is not a wonderful way to live, but my abusive upbringing and all of the pills shoved down my throat over the years are to thank for it. As of right now, I’ve been out of the dating scene for over a decade. That means no real human contact of any kind in that instance. Though there are many people who are worse off than I am. Some of them deal with far more debilitating anxiety issues, which go far beyond trouble making eye-contact and being able to drive an automobile (I don’t drive, completely by choice.)

For instance, there are people who are completely paralyzed, mentally retarded or in such a state of depression that they can barely hold their head up in the morning. As ShoeOnHead reports in her video “sexbots” several sexdoll users have reported using these devices for everything ranging from experimentation in the bedroom to general loneliness and even as something to fill the hole left behind when a loved one passed. Some people, like myself, are just kind of frustrated with the dating scene and the drama that people bring. A coworker and friend of mine called his wife a few hours ago for a conversation. I noticed that she was not only controlling and confronted him about an item he was supposed to purchase, but literally tore into him about the item which resulted in a huge argument over the cell until she hung up on him. Sure, sure. She said that she loved him. But it was still a click. They’ve been married five years and I suppose this kind of thing is normal, but I just don’t get it. I don’t understand it. You’re telling me that I need to find another human so that I can have another opponent by which to engage in argument with, while at the same time draining my bank account with the reward being some sort of intimacy? I just don’t get it. I mean, isn’t this what men do to other men? Talk about how they got laid last night by a wife, girlfriend or other in an attempt to emasculate other men? Men are often cajoled by other men who haven’t had sexual experiences in quite some time, where mentions of blow-up dolls and prostitution are inferred. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? Why is a man judged wholly by the woman or women he has been with? Why is this so important to the art of manhood? Again, this seems to be a remnant from the age where spreading one’s seed far and wide in order to carry on the bloodline was necessary. Though we’ve gone up in multitudes over the past few hundred years, despite ages of war and even genocide in some instances. We’ve killed millions, possibly hundreds of millions and yet still find ourselves with billions of people walking the globe right now. It’s fascinating if you think about it, but the fact remains the same. In other words, this massive level of procreation is no longer necessary and even dangerous. Don’t feel like less of a man because you’ve chosen not to spread your bloodline any further. This is your choice and it always has been.

As there are a lot of people on the planet without the experience of love and the ability to embrace another person, it is pretty much a given that sexbots would be the next best thing. It is an emulation like my Super Retrocade, but it’s still just as good as the real thing in my eyes and the eyes of many others, which is most important. Augmented Reality might also opt for the same thing, as someone might just feel a little better about themselves after seeing an avatar of some attractive person on their cell phone screen. It may even talk back to them, which is also what a lot of people want. Just someone there to confide in, who won’t be judgemental or seek their own agendas. I can’t really say much about how this is on the female side of things, but I’m pretty sure that there are women out there ready to embrace this option just as much as the men. There are those women who are outraged, those women who shrug it off, and then those women who feel that yes – they want one too. They really, really, want one. And why not? Why shouldn’t men and women have these plastic dreams? Life is so short and it’s never known as to how long we’ll have on this planet. How long we’ll have as functioning beings. So why not give a person the chance to experience the best that technology can offer to them? Why must we mold to these archaic ways of cohabitation, when one can just as easily cohabitate with a plastic doll, a robot or an augmented reality/virtual reality program? We’re no longer living in the fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties and even the first half of two-thousand flew by. As we head toward dates that I remember seeing years ago on sci-fi programs, let’s all kind of move the fuck on a little bit and let people be people. It’s like ShoeOnHead said in that same video – “They’re going to end up using their hand or the couch anyway.” Which is true. But then again, some people who are interested in these things are not even interested in sex, period. So try soaking that one for a bit. The world is quite strange and it takes many people to make it what it is. Let us be thankful for that differentiation. I don’t think that sexbots or any other kind of human emulation is a real issue, as some people will always prefer the real thing.

– The Grim Lord

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