Editorial: Why Being Single Isn’t Such A Bad Thing After All

Today, I want to talk about something that has upset me greatly and you might even be guilty of it. Namely, I’m quite upset about the amount of single shaming online. These retorts take the form of “that’s why you’re single” or the infamous “who hurt you?” whenever a male like myself decides that he isn’t interested in normal human relations. But in all actuality, these retorts are not good for anyone and could very well drive people to be true forced lonely (or TFL) as well as a malecel or femcel in the incel category. I know that it’s easier to tell people they need thicker skin, but this generation hasn’t really had the kind of war experience of past generations (for the most part) and generally people are far weaker, including men who are supposed to be the stronger protective sex. Both men and women are guilty of doing this shit and it’s just not great. However, there’s a gold key in this little lockbox and I’ll tell you what it is – simply not giving a shit. Because who cares if you’re single? Seriously. There’s no need to force yourself into loneliness or god forbid, to swallow the harsh black pill of incelism as long as you don’t make courtship your reason for living. I’ve said in articles before, that putting people on pedestals is definitely the worst thing you can do.

There’s a song that I absolutely hate regarding this, so much that I’d want to kick the man who made it famous. That man is Tal Bachman, a Canadian songwriter who (according to Wikipedia) originally wrote the nineties hit song “She’s So High Above Me” based on a situation where he was trying to hook his stepfather up with this fairly popular girl in high school. Bachman claims that she was the “hottest girl there” but I can’t be the judge of that, so that’s mere speculation. In any case, Bachman also describes the conversation with the girl as being “godly.” He went onto say, “…I don’t want to say fear, but just kind of being in awe of her.” I suppose that being in awe of someone isn’t a crime, but damn. The man compares this girl that’s he’s only met once to Cleopatra, Joan Of Arc and Aphrodite. Some chick in high school. This is the kind of mentality that I feel is destructive to men, really – because we start idolizing women for their beauty and can’t seem to look beyond that. Suffice it to say that if you’re just looking for beauty, you’d be much happier with a sex doll anyway (pick yourself one up at sex doll uk). Though upon looking further into his history, it seems that Tal Bachman (who is actually Robert Bachman, the son of the famously known Randy Bachman of The Guess Who and Bachman – Turner Overdrive) actually never married himself.

This says quite a bit. Nowhere in the wiki does it even so much as mention a marriage or even a relationship. Apparently, Bachman was heavy into the Church Of Latter Day Saints, then dismissed it after considering the church to be based on a series of fables. He’s now a political scientist. You know, I wouldn’t honestly be surprised if the writer of “She’s So High” is actually a sex doll owner. Or perhaps even considered it at one time. There are many closet owners, he could very well be one of them. This revelation changes everything. The man who literally wrote a song about how godlike certain women can be and how they are in some cases too divine for regular men to approach, is in all honesty; a fifty year old fucking bachelor.

I’m actually glad that the song faded out of existence long ago as it definitely feels like it had a sort of brainwashing effect, even if that effect was quite sugary and rather pleasant to the ear. It’s also worth mentioning the fact that Bachman was a Mormon for quite a number of years, though never decided to have children. Or even raise a family. Was this due to his own insecurities explored by this and possibly other songs that he had written over the years? It’s rather safe to say that Bachman was a one-hit wonder and never achieved fame beyond the debut album, but it certainly sent the kind of message to young men that maybe “this woman is too divine” for them to talk to. Which is often not the case. Please never forget that when a beautiful model eats Taco Bell, she does the same as the rest of us – which is running quickly to the bathroom in order to profusely empty her bowels in a rather unconscionable manner. The sounds are loud, the smell is putrid and any kind of apostolic grandeur that she might have beheld has now vanished like a vampire in the sunlight. In short, she’s no longer “high above” you and you don’t have to worship her. Or anyone. Don’t fucking worship anyone. Quit worshiping people.

And if anyone gives you shit about being single, realize that no one has control over the decisions that you make in life, other than you. Not Bachman and his rather sordid song, nor anyone online that may be enforcing you to move one way or the other. You do not have to have a traditional relationship. You are not required to raise a family, nor have children. These are psuedo-rules set out by society and passed down from generation to generation as a form of tradition. Though yet again, no one is commanding you to follow that tradition. Not your parents, teachers, religious or political leaders, close friends, acquaintances, people who you work with, people online – no matter who they are or how much influence they have. Not even me. Especially not me. You can do whatever you want. I’m just saying that you don’t have to. At the same time, you don’t have to take shit from people who disagree with your decision to live life differently. In fact, if you present your life decision in a positive and clear manner, most people really won’t give a damn and several will even support you.

At the end of the day, you have to focus on yourself, because that’s all you have. This is the only life that you get, at least in this body (depending on your personal worldviews). So make it count and live your own life, it is literally all you’ve got; folks. And I’m told that it isn’t all that long, so do keep that in mind. Considering all of this information that I’ve poured into your head, it might be a good idea to throw all of the stress about being single right into the fucking garbage. You’d be better off just getting a waifu sex doll and enjoying the rest of your life.

– The Grim Lord

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